Microsoft Surface PRO 3 Home Button Replacement Service Cost

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Home Button Repair Services

When you?re in need of fast, professional Microsoft Surface Pro 3 home button repair, rely on Smart Repair. Sometimes when a Microsoft Tab is dropped, the home button on the top of the tablet can cease functioning. It is also not uncommon for wear and tear on the button to cause a malfunction after a year or two of use. If this is the case with your tablet, we can usually repair the home button in two hours, and have it back in perfect working order.

Fix Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Home Button Issue Near you

Home button is the most utilized element of a tablet, hence proper function is essential. Sometimes even the most valiant troubleshooting attempts don?t produce results. If you find yourself at a loss, bring your Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to Smart Repair. Our experienced technicians are happy to perform a fast and reliable home button repair services your for Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Repair Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Home Button with Best Warranty

Damaged or not functioning Microsoft Surface Pro 3? We repair all models, from the older models, to the latest Galaxy Tabs on the market. Contact us today for a repair quote on your Microsoft Surface Pro 3 device. How much does it cost, you ask? Smart Repair will give a free, no-commitment Microsoft Surface Pro 3 home button repair estimate before we start any work. Find a Smart Repair approved store near you today!


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