Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Headphone Jack Repair Services

If the sound from your tablet or mobile is hissing, crackling, or fading in and out when you use headphones. Or in just simple sentence, Can't hear anything through your headphones? it could be your headphone jack that is commonly get damaged or stop working.

Usually, the jack gets something stuck inside it which causes problems, or issues can be caused by oxidation or a short circuit. Repairing this part takes our technicians about 2 hours in order to complete the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 jack repair.

Fix Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Headphone Jack Issue

At smartrepair, we can fix any issues that affect the functionality of your headphone jack, like missing sound, sound coming from just one earpiece, or artifacts during playback like static or crackling audio. We can also fix physical damage to the jack, like bending, breaks, or if something is stuck inside the jack.

Repair Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Headphone Jack with Best Warranty

If you are not able to get your headphone jack working with cleaning or other troubleshooting methods, the experienced technicians at Smart Repair can help you fix the problem quickly. We offer same day walk-in repairs with best warranty. For more details contact us at office timing.