Microsoft Lumia 950 Charger Repair Services

Chargers are easy to damage. Constant connecting and removal of the connector cord can be hard on the port and move, bend, or damage internal components. Sometimes a dropped phone can also cause charging issues. If your phone or mobile device has stopped charging correctly, there are a few things that you can do to troubleshoot and attempt to fix the problem.

Fix Microsoft Lumia 950 Charger Problems

Generally Detecting these type of faults in charger circuit

  • Bent or broken charger pin
  • Broken or damaged connecting wires
  • Blown up resistors
  • Faulty transistors
  • Blown up electrolytic capacitors

You also might be using the wrong charger. Are you using the charger that came with the device? Some devices have specific power requirements that are not met by other chargers, even when they physically ?fit? the Charger on your device.

Many times the tension clips on the connector at the end of the charging cord just become depressed too far. Slightly raising these tension clips with a sewing needle and a gentle touch could solve the problem.

Repairing Your Microsoft Lumia 950 Charger

If you have tried cleaning and routine troubleshooting, but you are still having problems with the Charger, let us evaluate the problem with a free diagnosis. Bring the device to a local Smart Repair approved Cell Phone Repair store or use our convenient mail-in service. An experienced technician will evaluate the problem and give you an estimate of time and cost to repair the Charger.