Best POS & Retail Repair Management Business Softwares- Smart Repair

Most Effective Management Software for Repair Stores

Either looking for best Point-of-Sale (POS) & Repair Management system or want to manage your location-based inventory & Invoicing, Smart Repair has every tool you need to grow a sustainable Retail Repair Business.

Smart Repair consolidates multiple business operations into one cohesive software, the related primary feature contains –

Feature Rich. Management Focused.

SmartRepair consolidates multiple business operations into one cohesive software.


We have thousands of users from all over the world and are happy to continue adding regions. We support currency symbols, time zone and lots of other things.


Spend your time repairing, not tracking. Reduce labour costs, increase employee productivity & have control over what your employees can see and do within one unified system.


Our Big Chain plan supports your growth by allowing a single account to run multiple stores and give admins visibility into a single store or the whole set of locations.


We pride ourselves on giving the best support to our customers. No matter what your question is, or when you raise it, help will always be at hand.


Barcode labels will help your businesses easily track stock and access key product data. In a single scan, you can see product details, stock on hand, pricing, and even complete a sale.


Our reporting module has unparalleled power due to the nature of our fully integrated software. Because your Ticketing/Invoicing/CRM/Inventory are all in one place, we can give your insight that crosses all these areas.


No installation required. No expensive hardware required. Use My Gadget Repairs simply in the cloud.

Book a new repair job in simple steps and provide easy workflows for technicians.


Utilize tools built to manage your retail, customer owned and parts inventory more effectively; and ensure you always have stock when you need it.

Expertly keep track of all your stocked items and services with our powerful inventory system.

Point of Sale

Sell and trade inventory items like new, used, and refurbished devices, while tracking customer information and securely processing transactions.

Our Point of Sale (POS/ePOS) system will help you run a simple retail shop, or a chain of high volume stores - with all the necessary reporting.


Easily monitor devices as they move through each stage of your unique check in, repair, quality assurance, and pickup process.

The heart and soul of a repair shop is the ticketing system - and we know it. Your tickets will show you exactly what you need, when you need it, from any device.


Connect with your customers on a new level by leveraging Smart Repair’s service offerings. Automate communications, dictate marketing strategies, and more!

A powerful CRM-inspired toolkit to create, track, and convert sales opportunities into happy, loyal customers.


Sell and trade inventory items like new, used, and refurbished devices, while tracking customer information and securely processing transactions.

Invoicing system with all the power a repair business or retail store will need. Recurring Invoicing for business contracts. Payment links in invoice

Partners and Integrations

In addition to these power features, Smart Repair supports a growing list of Integrations with other software and vendors. Learn more about our integrations and the benefits of connecting with Smart Repair.

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