iphone 7 back camera repair

iPhone 7 Back Camera Repair

Has the camera of your iPhone 7 suddenly stopped working? For most of us, a working smartphone camera is essential. To get your broken iPhone 7 camera back to working optimally, bring it to the knowledgeable technicians at Smart Repair Cell Phone Repair.

iPhone 7 Back Camera Not Working?

Some iPhone 7 camera problems are a result of obvious damage, and other times the camera just stops working, and it is unclear what the issue is.If you are having trouble with the rear or Back camera on your iPhone 7, stop into Smart Repair.

Troubleshooting iPhone 7 Back Camera

Before you bring your iPhone 7 to a repair service here are a few troubleshooting camera tips to try:

Check the Memory Card?

Make sure your memory card is properly inserted. To check, pull out the memory card and re-inserting it carefully to make sure it is in the correct position. Once you are sure it is firmly in place, test the iPhone 7 camera again.

Perform a Soft Reset ?

This process restarts your phone safely, without disrupting or erasing the content. Your data is preserved. To soft reset:

Press and hold the power and home keys. If not on the homescreen to begin with, you?ll have to do this twice.

When the iPhone 7 logo appears, you can release the power and home keys.

Update Your Software ?

Check that your device is running on the most recent software. If you recently installed a new app before the iPhone 7 camera stopped working, you might want to try uninstalling that app to eliminate it as the cause.

Let us Fix Your iPhone 7 Back Camera Today

If you have tried the above suggestions, and your camera still does not work, the best option is to let a professional repair service, like Smart Repair, look at your device. Bring your iPhone 7 to Smart Repair and have our expert techs complete an iPhone 7 camera repair.

How much does it cost, you ask? Smart Repair will give a free, no-commitment iPhone 7 repair estimate before we start any work. Stop into any of our conveniently located Smart Repair stores today!